Working and job search

High living standards and salaries often come with working in Switzerland. That said, expats will first have to land a job and wade through the visa permit process.

Good ways to look for openings include online and newspaper job listings, company websites and networking with other expats. After they find something to apply for, expats will need to bring their CV in line with local standards and apply in the same language as the job advertisement. The Swiss are known for being detail-oriented, and their CV's reflect this, so hiring a translator might be necessary. 

Swiss work culture is performance-based, so work experience and employer references are important in applications. Expats should also include personal details, educational background, language and computer skills. 

CVs shouldn't be longer than three pages and should include a professional photo, separate cover letter, letters of recommendation and copies of educational qualifications.

Seeking employment in Switzerland
Here you will find information and useful links regarding registration and authorization requirements, minimum and average wages, self-employment, social services and unemployment among foreign nationals living in Switzerland.

Job platforms

HOW TO: Find jobs in Switzerland as an English speaker (Without speaking German)
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