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UB Partner GmbH

UB Partner GmbH

United Brokers and Partners

Bühlstrasse 8, 4622 Egerkingen, Switzerland

T: +41 (0) 61 821 22 33   F: +41 (0) 61 821 22 33

Swiss taxes 

Swiss insurance and Swiss pension planning

Especially for expats it's important to have a partner to find the best insurance offers in Switzerland. We compare all insurance companies and find the best for you. We provide many insurance products: Health insurance, private liability, car insurance, legal protection, life insurance and for building capital life insurance and Pillar 3a, Swiss pensions.

Philipp Dreier
Phillip Dreier

As a certified financial advisor and tax consultant, I am happy to advise you on any financial, insurance or tax matters.    T: +41 (0)61 821 22 33

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