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Eric G. Sarasin


T: +41 (0)44 555 45 00   M: +41 (0) 78 866 05 44

TIGER 21 is the premier peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators. It has established its first Group in Switzerland, chaired by Eric G. Sarasin, an accomplished private banking and family office expert, and provides an opportunity for affluent individuals to meet on a monthly basis to focus on improving their investment acumen and market knowledge, while exploring the issues of wealth preservation, estate planning, and family dynamics beyond finance.

Eric G. Sarasin
Eric G. Sarasin, Chair

“Switzerland is one of the world’s leading financial centers and it is home to some of the most successful executives, investors, and entrepreneurs. I am delighted to serve as the leader of the Group and look forward to the opportunity to connect high-net-worth individuals from the various communities within Switzerland in a confidential setting.”


T: +41 (0)44 555 4500  M: +41 (0)78 866 05 44

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