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The aim of the society is the development and promotion of friendly cultural and economic relations between Switzerland and the USA and extending and enhancing the perception of the USA in Switzerland.

The society holds monthly luncheons (CHF 59 payable at the door, cash or credit card) with talks by key people from the world of business, politics, education and culture, mostly related to the USA. There are also a number of evening cultural events.

Membership fee CHF 80. The society is always pleased to receive a voluntary CHF 50 for the scholarship fund.

The society donates up to CHF 20,000 a year to scholarships. These donations are intended as additional financial study resources for studying and graduating in the USA and are aimed at Swiss, or non-Swiss candidates with several years' ties to Switzerland.

Citizens of Switzerland and the USA as well as persons, companies and associations that maintain relationships with both countries or take interest in the activities of the society can become members.

Membership requires a written application to the Board (please use the form). Each application must have the recommendation of a current member.

Anne Liebgott from AW★SWITZERLAND is your recommendation and already noted in the application form (please tick the box).

Each member receives and is listed in the membership list booklet.


The Swiss-American Society events take place at the centrally-located Zurich Main Station at Au Premier, as of April 2020 in Haus zum Rüden.

Upcoming events

Registration required.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Swiss-American Society, Zurich - 100 Years of History and Still Going Strong


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