Swiss alpine fishing

Swiss alpine fishing with Mike Jent

Zelglistrasse 19, 8311 Brütten

Promenade 79, 7270 Davos Platz 

T: 079 430 45 21

Magnificent mountains, fresh alpine air, rushing streams and gurgling creeks, beautiful alpine flora and fauna together with a bit of adventure over sticks and stones and you'll forget the hectic of the world around you.

An experienced mountain fishing guide takes individuals, couples, families, business associates or small groups up to four people (two people with one guide) on an unforgettable mountain stream fishing adventure for a day or for a weekend all-included. No experience is required, just a love of nature!

We are also happy to take fly fishing beginners along and introduce them to the facinating fly fishing techniques. We'll show experienced fly fishers the best place to rivers and streams.

We fish in fantastic mountain streams in various areas. In Graubünden, Canton of Schwyz, Glarus or St. Gall you will enjoy an unforgettable outdoor excursion.

Mike Jent, Certified Sport Fisher

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