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RDK Advisors

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach, FL

+1 (305) 409 6541

At RDK Advisors we provide protection for your assets…no minimum is small enough when it is about your family!

At RDK Advisors, we specialize in legacy, wealth transfer, and flexible succession insurance-guaranteed strategies to generate growth, preservation of income and tax-free liquidity in the USA for current and future needs.

The most common needs that our clients must resolve concern the following:

- Buy/Sell Agreements among partners
- Retirement Income/ Planning
- Family Succession Planning
- Asset Equalization
- Key Man Corporate Insurance
- Deferred Compensation for executives and owners
- Asset Diversification
- Conservative, tax-free liquid investments in USD offering an attractive return

Michael Siska
Michael Siska, Senior Vice President
Legacy, Wealth Transfer and Succession Strategies

"Relationships, trust, guidance, caring, nurturing and social interaction..."

 (305) 409 6541

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