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Leave it to me

Leave It To Me

Rue des Pâquis, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

T: +41 (0)78 840 23 79 

Leave It To Me offers personal assistance, concierge and relocation services in Geneva, Vaud and France. Whether you need someone to take care of your dog or do your shopping, Leave It To Me’s team of Angels will take care of it. No matter your lifestyle or budget, we offer personalized solutions for your individual needs. Catering to individuals and corporations alike, Leave It To Me’s Angels are reliable partners that will take care of your to-do list.

Marie Davies - Founder and Head Angel

Marie Davies, has a wealth of experience working in the hospitality industry and corporate environments. Marie is of English origin but has been living and working in Switzerland for over 20 years. After 12 years of working as an Executive Assistant in multinational corporations she has decided to follow her passion of helping others and launched Leave It To Me, a personal assistance, concierge and relocation service. Marie and her team of professional and qualified Angels work hard to take care of your chores so that you have more time to do the things you love.

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