KayHan Swiss

KayHan Swiss

Selnaustrasse 5, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

T:  +41 76 566 05 75

Redefine your Destiny

Professional, discreet and legal advisory services on citizenship and residency programs around the world, including private banking and financial solutions in Switzerland as well as relocation services and company incorporation.

Hangama Wanner
Hangama Wanner, Founder & Managing Partner

I was very young when we had to flee from Kabul, Afghanistan in the 80’s. After a journey filled with hardship, fear and struggle, I was fortunate to be raised and educated in Western Europe. It’s this experience, as well as having lived in Switzerland for many years that has shown me, first hand, how valuable personal freedom through citizenship and residency can be to somebody’s life.

That’s why I established KayHan Swiss. I provide people with solutions and choices, giving them the same possibilities and leading to a new destiny, a better future that they choose for themselves.

My personal experience, coupled with my professional background in capital markets and international finance, and my team of world class experts on the banking, investment, legal and administrative side, gives me a unique perspective to identify the most appropriate and sustainable worldwide citizenship and/or residency solutions for my clients, as well as most efficient wealth management solutions in Switzerland.

I also speak six languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Persien and Spanish.

T: +41 76 566 05 75


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