Communication and service providers

With some of the fastest internet in the world, a broad range of telecommunications packages and excellent access to international media, keeping in touch in Switzerland is easy – but expats should take some time to choose an option that suits their needs.

Internet in Switzerland

Broadband is widely available from service providers in the form of DSL, cable and fibre optics, and there are numerous Internet cafés and WiFi hotspots. Larger telecommunications providers offer packages that combine internet, mobile, fixed-line telephone, and digital television. 

Mobile phones in Switzerland

Expats can apply for mobile phone contracts if they have a valid work permit for Switzerland and are registered at their local commune. The necessary documents include proof of identification, banking details and proof of address.

Contracts that include a phone usually run between 12 and 24 months, while some operators offer shorter contracts without one. Prepaid mobile cards are a good option in terms of flexibility. SIM cards can be bought at supermarkets, kiosks, and newsagents.

Fixed-line telephones in Switzerland

Fixed-line costs vary depending on the contract, but expats need one to install DSL.

Landline to landline calling in Switzerland is inexpensive or free with some contracts; however, landline to mobile calls can be pricey.

Frequent international callers should investigate packages with a flat monthly rate for calls to international lines, and whether the countries they call are included. Naturally an alternative for international calls is Skype.

Installing a landline requires similar documents to a mobile contract, and depending on whether a line had previously been installed on the property, the process can take a few weeks.

Postal services in Switzerland

Swiss Post is the national postal service in Switzerland, and it’s generally efficient and reliable. Deliveries can be tracked effectively, and same-day delivery is possible. With A post letters arrive the next day, with B post they arrive in three to four days. It offers various additional services like account payments, bank accounts, and mail forwarding or retaining.

Most post offices usually open early and are open to 6pm; most except the main offices in cities are closed on Sundays and over lunch.

English-language media in Switzerland

English-language publications are widely available both online and offline, and international newspapers may be available the day after publication in some places.

Numerous online networking sites allow new arrivals to meet fellow expats, ask questions and take part in activities. You can find networking, dating and news platforms providing answers to almost any question and lots of tips for new arrivals.

English-language television and radio in Switzerland

Cable TV or digital TV is a standard installation in most apartments and provides an abundance of channels, which includes Swiss, French, German and Italian national channels.

Digital TV provides hundreds of international channels including popular British channels. For television channels from further afield, expats can also install a satellite device with their landlord’s permission but will have to remove it at their expense when they leave.

BBC Radio and many other English language radio stations are via satellite or online streaming. World Radio Switzerland is an English radio station that broadcasts from Geneva.

Expats planning to stay in Switzerland for longer than three months will have to register with Billag, the fees collection company, to pay radio and television license fees. Costs are calculated by household and apply to television, radio sets and any devices with internet reception.

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