Message from David Boron, Founder and CEO of PrivacyAbroad GmbH, Zug, Switerland

David Boron

The threat to personal and internet privacy has reached epidemic levels and the peak has not yet been reached. I noticed these threats first-hand while working in the financial services industry for the past 20 years. The increasing threats to ones digital security and the consequences faced by today’s consumers clearly demand a viable solution.

US-based ‘free’ email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc.) are leaving everyone vulnerable to unwanted target advertising, predatory profiling, hackers, and government legislated-snooping - just a few examples of compromises to our online privacy. This ominous concern caused me to recognize a great need in the marketplace.

Subsequently, in January 2013, I founded PrivacyAbroad GmbH. The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and provides real and solid solutions to protect the privacy and digital security of our clients, be it for large companies or individuals. In May 2013, we added a Swiss partner that offers 100%-guaranteed secure digital products to include encrypted e-mail platforms, “Cloud” data storage, VPN (Virtual Private Network), web-hosting facilities as well as encrypted voice and text applications to insure that all online communications are safe from intrusion.

The fact that the servers are domiciled in Switzerland is what sets PrivacyAbroad apart. Switzerland is well known for its strict data privacy laws and no back-door access to encryption for any public or private entity, not even the government of Switzerland itself.

PrivacyAbroad is available to Americans living in the US and to Americans living abroad too. 

For more information on how to get safe and ensure your privacy, please see the link below.

Best regards,

David Boron


PrivacyAbroad GmbH

General-Guisan-Strasse 6

6303 Zug, Switzerland


When you allow "free" email accounts to scan, analyze, categorize, sell your content and not protect yourself from government domestic spying, you open the other door to cyber criminals. Eliminate those online threats once and for all and regain your Privacy by using Swiss-based solutions. 

We offer guaranteed secure digital products including encrypted e-mail platforms, Secure "Cloud” data storage, VPN-(Virtual Private Network), Web-Hosting facilities as well as encrypted voice and text applications to insure that all of one’s communications are safe from intrusion. What sets our facilities apart is the fact that the servers are domiciled in Switzerland, a country known for its strict data privacy laws and no back door access to encryption for any public or private entity, not even the government of Switzerland itself. 

The bottom-line is these solutions provide a much needed bridge to the restoration of your digital privacy ultimately protecting you as an expat!

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