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Claire Mahon

Claire Mahon Coaching & Mentoring

rue Butini 16, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

T:+41 22 900 0702   Mobile: +41 79 564 96 17

I provide coaching and mentoring to advocates, change-makers, and leaders. I work with those who want to change the world, helping them to establish or deepen their careers in the international sector, and with those who seek to change their worlds, to develop clarity, connection, and confidence. I offer one-on-one sessions and group clinics, in-person and online, as well as training courses, webinars, and online resources.

Claire Mahon
Claire Mahon

I am an international human rights lawyer based in Geneva, Switzerland, where I am the founder and Director of the Global Human Rights Group, a social enterprise comprising of the not-for-profit NGO the Global Human Rights Clinic (which focuses on offering experiential learning opportunities), and the not-just-for-profit boutique consulting firm, the Global Human Rights Consultants LLC. I also works as a coach and mentor, developing international change-makers.

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