Driving in Switzerland

Driving in Switzerland can be a scenic pleasure, if drivers stick to the speed limit. The authorities are strict when it comes to upholding road rules and drivers who are caught speeding face hefty fines and possibly jail time.

The Swiss road network is well maintained and signage is clear, but parking can be expensive and scarce in busy city centers.

Cars drive on the right, and a Swiss Motorway Sticker to use the major Autoroutes or highways is required. These vignette stickers are valid for a year and driving a car without one will incur a fine.

Cars in Switzerland are often equipped with snow tires, but in areas with heavy snow, drivers may have to chain their tires. Signs warn drivers in advance when this is the case. The authorities may also close some roads during heavy snowfalls, especially mountain passes.

Expats will need to get  a Swiss driver's licence after 12 months, and depending on the country they're from, they may have to take a driving test.

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