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foxx Contemporary

Foxx Galerie

Claudine Francine Bandi

Rämistrasse 33, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

T: +41 (0)44 261 88 61   F: +41 (0)44 261 91 10

Foxx Gallery opened its doors on October 13th 1993 and has since rewritten Pop Art history. As an exclusive partner to Walt Disney and Warner Bros. Studios, the gallery helped to establish animation art as an acknowledged artistic form of expression of the 20th century in Switzerland.

Since 1996 the gallery’s amplified program with its Pop Art „made in Europe“ has become a well known insider tip in the international art world. Owner Claudine Francine Bandi has ever since maintained a very close contact to her artists offering them a very supportive and personal environment.

Claudine Francine Bandi Foxx Galerie
Foxx Gallery Zurich
Foxx Gallery Zurich
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