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Rue Ferdinand Hodler 17, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland

T: +41 (0)22 707 92 92

Abeloo Ltd is an independent company active in the field of asset management, life insurance and pension consulting with a strong bias on wealth planning, which offers a distinct perspective to serve our clients.

As your pension assets and in particular your vested benefits are a main part of your personal wealth, Abeloo offers an investment solution for individuals considered as a US Person by the US Tax Authorities either if they are tax domiciled in Switzerland, abroad or even in the US, helping them to achieve their long-term financial planning goals. Taking a decision regarding your vested benefit assets is part of your overall wealth planning process. By considering all the different options available for these pension assets, will help you to select the right vested benefit solution which best fits in your long-term financial plan.

Abeloo’s Asset Management abilities are solely and exclusively devoted to achieving a zero-emission carbon footprint on all our portfolios by 2030.

Why & How? Our generation must face the biggest challenge namely the climate change. As we can see, climate change modifies dramatically the planet but also the global economy.

Therefore, at Abeloo, we are offering investment solutions which impact directly on the climate change and the social governance without any concession on performance.

We are offering traditional investments, wealth and pension vehicles to individuals and institutions, helping to achieve the agreed ambitious objectives by 223 countries at the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention (COP21) by keeping the global warming under 2°C by end of this century.

Knut Giersch, CEO & Co-founder

During the past 25 years I have worked for world-leading banking institutions. During these years I successfully designed and implemented new business lines to raise net new assets under management. My enthusiastic spirit for entrepreneurship brought me to co-found a pension & asset management company. I was elected as a board member of the pension schemes of the Bank Lombard Odier & Cie SA, the oldest banking pension scheme in Switzerland founded in 1910.
To face our biggest challenge, namely climate change, and as a passionate and responsible investment professional with in-depth convictions, I am fully dedicated to implementing Impact Investing Portfolio Management and making it accessible to our clients.

T: +41 22 707 92 93

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